Thursday, March 8, 2018

March 8, 2018

Click the link at the right for the 4th quarter AR goal.

March 13      Chapel
March 14      Family Night 
March 16      Dress Down Day for Fuller House
March 21      Easter Egg Hunt (see info in today's
March 23      Grandparents' Day/Early Dismissal
March 26-30 Spring Break
April 9-13     Testing
April 10        Chapel
April 24        Chapel
Jammin’ in the Jungle
Our Grandparents' Day program will be held on Friday, March 23. The theme this year is Jammin’ in the Jungle.  Students will wear a SOLID green top and jeans for the day of the program.  Any shade of green is fine, but no design/print/ writing/ pictures/etc. If your child does not have a solid green shirt, Walmart and B. Turner have inexpensive options. 
If you would like to send in a small Easter treat for our International Prayer Pals, please do so by Friday, March 16. 

Math assessments will be on Tuesday, March 13 and Wednesday, March 14. Day 1 is the Unit 6 Assessment and Day 2 is a cumulative assessment on Units 5 & 6.
You should be able to:
✔️use the four operations to solve 2-step number stories
✔️know or use multiplication strategies to find products of 0s-9s multiplication facts
✔️determine the unknown in multiplication and division equations
✔️solve equations with parentheses 
✔️use the order of operations to solve equations without parentheses 
✔️solve multi-digit subtraction problems
✔️recognize, generate, and explain equivalent fractions
✔️partition shapes into parts with equal areas
✔️identify various quadrilateral shapes
✔️calculate perimeter and area
✔️measure lengths to the nearest 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch, and whole centimeter
✔️organize and represent data on a scaled bar graph
✔️solve 1- and 2-step problems using information from graphs

The biographies and paper dolls were fantastic! We’ve learned a lot about these famous Americans. Please come by the third grade hall and take a peak. We’ll keep them up so our grandparents can brag!!!

     We are excited to read EXODUS – Moses’ Story from the Bible. We are learning about the promises of God and how He used Moses just as He is using His people today.   
 Our Egypt unit began this week, and oh how the children are going to love it! It really is an interesting study, and we have so much to learn. We are sure you’ll hear more about it as the weeks go by!
i   Our next units in science are simple machines and inventions. This will include our annual Invention Convention. This is such a fun and educational project! More info on this “at school” project after spring break.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

February 15, 2018

Dates to Remember
Feb. 16       Dress down day for Daybreak Ministries
Feb. 19-20 Holidays! No school!
Feb. 23      Capitol Field Trip

Friday, February 16, 2018 is a "Dress Down Day" for Daybreak Ministries. Students may wear jeans and a spirit shirt for a $1 donation to this ministry.

Field Trip News
Our Capitol field trip is scheduled for Friday, February 23, 2018. We will leave from the Fine Arts parking lot and return to FPD by carpool. You are welcome to follow us in cars or meet us at The Varsity for lunch.
In Unit 6 students will:

  • compare different approaches to solving the same problem and decide which strategies are more efficient. 
  • take inventory of known multiplication facts and how they can use them to solve unfamiliar facts. Daily practice of multiplication facts is crucial! Focusing on one fact family each week is a good way to direct practice!
  • model multi-step number stories with one or more equations and represent the unknown quantities with letters.
  • use parenthesis to group and order operations.   
Biography book reports due Tuesday, February 28. class. We will also read another great biography in class in February about the life George Washington Carver.

A Note from Mrs. Putnal
    If your child misses school due to illness, please help us by not sending them back to school until they are fever free and Tylenol free for 24 hours.
    Also, if your child is complaining of headaches, stomach ache, or throat hurting.. please do not give them Tylenol and send them to school. We are finding by lunchtime many of these are running a fever of 100+. Many doctors’  offices are saying that not all with flu run a fever.
    1st-4th may pick up missed work in the Elementary office. Thank you for helping us help all teachers and children stay as healthy as possible.

Friday, January 19, 2018

January 19, 2018

Dates to Remember
Jan. 15      Holiday! No school!
Jan. 28      FPD Preview Day 3pm-5pm - Invite your family, friends, & neighbors!
Jan. 30      Chapel 
Feb. 7       Author visit - Diane Z. Shore 
Feb. 9       Mixon-Fincher Celebration 8:15-9:00 in your child's classroom
Feb. 13     Chapel - 3rd Grade leads! Please join us in the Fine Arts Auditorium at 12:05.
Feb. 19-20 Holidays! No school!
Feb. 23      Capitol Field Trip to Atlanta (More info in next week's signed papers)
Unit 5 relates fractions to visual and symbolic representations, including drawings, words, and standard notation, and explores equivalent fractions. We will also develop multiplication fact strategies using known facts to find unfamiliar products using arrays, area models, and properties of multiplication.
We have begun a sweet story in reading called The Hundred Dresses.  It is a wonderful old story about the hurtfulness of making unfair judgments.  It reminds us all to follow the “golden rule” and to be kind and compassionate to everyone.
In Social Studies we have begun a fun unit on Native Americans in North America. We will study the heritage, customs, shelters, etc. of several different tribes.
In Science we will investigate States of Matter - solids, liquids, and gases. So fun!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

January 11, 2018

                      Colorful happy new year 2016
Please read Mrs. Putnal's newsletter linked at the right.

Can you believe that third grade is half way over?! Encourage your 3rd grader to finish strong by:
ü  Giving their best effort
ü  Completing homework assignments neatly and correctly
ü  Practicing multiplication facts daily
ü  Checking spelling and punctuation when writing sentences

Next week (January 16-19) is Spirit Week at FPD!!! Please note that “Elementary Dress-up Days” are different from middle and high school. “Elementary Dress-up Days” are listed below:
 Tuesday - TEAM USA (red, white, & blue/jeans OK)

 Wednesday- WACKY PATTERNS DAY (wild, wacky  patterns - tops & bottoms)

 Thursday - Neat-o Neon (Neon colors/jeans OK)

 Friday- Super VIKING spirit wear (Viking      wear/jeans OK)

 ***Elementary’s Spirit Week Collection and Donations will benefit The Campus Club Ministry at Strong Tower Church here in Macon.***
Items needed include:
half to 1 inch 3 ring binders
Glue sticks and glue bottles
Notebook Paper
Printer Paper
Construction paper

Expo White Board markers
LIBRARY NEWS:  It’s almost visiting author time!  Our visiting author, Diane Z. Shore, will visit us on Wednesday, February 7, during our Mixon-Fincher Young Author and Illustrator week.  See  the orange flyer from last week's signed papers for more information about her visit and the opportunity to pre-order an autographed Diane Z. Shore book.  **Forms/money are due by THIS Friday, Jan. 12 for pre-ordered books.**

 Yearbook Cost- $80.00
Deadline to order: January 15th
All ordering must be done online at:
School # 1881

Our 3rd quarter AR goal is set! (See note in today's papers.) Each student should pass at least 6 AR tests before the end of the quarter on Wednesday, March 7. This should include one biography and one chapter book. These books must be pre-approved by your student's teacher. Remaining books are student's choice.