Thursday, September 27, 2018

September 27, 2018

Sept. 25   Chapel
Sept. 25-27 Elementary Play
Oct. 5      Homecoming
Oct. 5      Dress Down Day: PINK OUT! Wear pink 
               top and jeans for $1 donation to "United
               in Pink".                           
Oct. 8-9   Student Holidays
Oct. 16    Chapel
Oct. 19    Downtown Macon Field Trip
Oct. 23    Fall Festival (Early dismissal)
Oct. 23-24 Conferences (Early dismissal)
Oct. 24     NO LATE START
Oct. 30    Chapel
Annual Fund--Grandest Popsicle Party Ever! 
Parents, please remember that if we reach 100% parent giving for the annual fund at the elementary level, the students will receive the GRANDEST POPSICLE PARTY EVER!  The elementary teachers are already at 100% and would love for you to join them!  No gift is too small--our goal is simply 100% participation!  You may donate online or send in a check to FPD and mark annual fund in the memo blank.  Thank you, parents, so much for ALL you do!
International Prayer Pals
We have our high school international prayer pal assignments for this year. Throughout the school year, we would like to give small care packages to make our special friends know they are loved in their "home away from home"! If you would like to participate, please send in a small fall treat or card to share with them by October 26. Here are the students assigned to each 3rd grade class:
      Mrs. Blizzard's Class - Caroline Jia (Senior)
Mrs. Hetes' Class - Sue Yang (Junior)
Mrs. Justice's Class - Anna Lui (Junior)

3rd Grade Items for Backpack Ministries:
  • Pop Tarts
  • Juice Pouches (Ex. Capri Sun)
  • Grits or Oatmeal packs
Other items needed at this time:
  • Vienna Sausages
  • Applesauce
  • Pudding cups
First Quarter AR goal info is 4 passed A.R. tests on chapter books by Oct. 10.
Students should be practicing basic addition facts daily to increase speed, recall, and accuracy. Have your 3rd grader spend a little time each day with a quick review using fun apps, Everyday Math online games, or flashcards.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

September 13, 2018

Sept. 14 Dress Down Day for Jay's Hope
Sept. 25 Chapel
Oct. 5    Homecoming
Oct. 8 & 9 Student Holidays
Oct. 19 Downtown Macon Field Trip
Friday, September 14 is a dress down day for Jay's Hope. Students may wear jeans, a spirit shirt, and a hat with a $1 to Jay's Hope.
First Quarter AR goal info is 4  passed A.R. tests on chapter books by Oct. 10. AR mid-quarter progress reports are in today's signed papers.
In Unit 2 children will make sense of one- and two-step number stories involving all four arithmetic operations. We will solve number stories using diagrams, arrays, pictures, words, and number stories. This will improve problem-solving strategies and help children see that problems can be solved in more than one way. 
We are enjoying reading the delightful book, Rent a Third Grader. We are learning how the class worked together to save Partner, a beloved member of their community.
     Flat Stanleys have begun arriving! We look forward to learning about all the fun places Stanley has been.   
We will soon begin our Macon unit and will learn about many interesting, historic places in our city. Our Downtown Tour later in October will be the perfect complement to our unit!
Our Soil Science unit continues. In Science Lab today we made a model to compare water that has passed through polluted soil and nonpolluted soil.We discussed the various kinds of pollution and its effects on plants, animals, and humans. 

Next week in class we will become "soil detectives" and use our observation skills and knowledge about soil to figure out the components of our mystery soils.
Check out some fun pics of our lab today!

Look at the change to the run-off when pollution (red Kool-aid) was added to our soil!!!

Monday, August 27, 2018

August 27, 2018

3rd grade is off to a great start! Be sure to follow the 3rd Grade Blog by email to get email notifications of new posts. Our blog is the primary way we get all 3rd grade news and info out to our parents, so be sure to check in regularly!
August 27        Elementary Open House at 6:30 in the classroom
September 3    Labor Day Holiday
September 7    New Family Dinner  & First Home Football Game! 
September 11  1st Chapel of the school year
September 13  Elementary School Pictures
September 17  Family Night
September 25  Chapel
September 25-27 Elementary Play
October 5         Homecoming
October 8 & 9   Student Holidays
October 10       Quarter 1 AR deadline
October 12       End of Quarter 1 
Put these dates on your calendar:

Fri., Oct. 19          Downtown Macon Tour
Thurs., Nov.15     Thanksgiving Play
Fri., Nov. 16         Jarrell Plantation
Wed., Dec. 12      Shopping Trip
Fri., Dec. 14         Chapel & Elementary Sing-a-Long
Thurs., Feb. 21    Capitol Tour in Atlanta
April  2019            Easter Egg Hunt (Date & time TBA)
May 2019             End-of-Year Bowling Party

First Quarter AR goal info is 4  passed A.R. tests on chapter books by Oct. 10. AR BookFinder is linked on the right sidebar for your convenience.
We all tend to “forget” concepts and skills we have “learned” if we have not used them for an extended period of time like summer vacation.  We have been reviewing different concepts mastered in second grade to refresh our memory.  As we move through  Unit 1,  second grade “developing” skills are revisited, and some are mastered.  The Everyday Math website is linked on the right sidebar for your convenience. Log-in codes are taped on the inside of your 3rd grader's planner.
In Guided Reading we are enjoying Flat Stanley and are learning many new and interesting vocabulary words. Please remember to send in an address for our Flat Stanley project by Thursday, August 30. Thanks for your help on this project. (Info was in signed paper folders on Thursday, August 23.)
Our first Social Studies unit is on communities, and we will also review geography skills. Included in our Communities unit is a third grade favorite, a study of Historic Macon.
Our first science unit is on Soil Science.  We took a trek around the campus exploring different kinds of soils visited the Science Lab for a lesson on soil layering.  There is a lot to learn about dirt!